At the completion of the program the student will be expected to have, Gained knowledge of a broad range of relevant business-related academic disciplines Acquired skills related to the following core competencies on:

Collecting, analysing and organising information The capacity to locate, sift and sort information in order to select what is required and to present it in a useful way, and evaluate both the information itself and the sources and methods used to collect it.

Communicating ideas and information The capacity to communicate effectively with others using the range of spoken, written, graphic and other non-verbal means of expression.

Planning and organising activities The capacity to plan and organise one’s own work activities, including making good use of time and resources, sorting out priorities and monitoring one’s performance.

Working with others in teams The capacity to interact effectively with other people both on a one-to-one basis and in groups, including understanding and responding to the needs of a client and working effectively as a member of a team to achieve a shared goal.

Solving problems The capacity to apply problem-solving strategies in purposeful ways, both in situations where the problem and the solution are clearly evident and in situations requiring creative thinking and a creative approach to achieve a desired outcome.

Using mathematical ideas and techniques The capacity to use mathematical ideas, such as number and space, and techniques such as estimation and approximation, for practical purposes. Using technology The capacity to apply technology, combining the physical and sensory skills needed to operate equipment with the understanding of scientific and technological principles needed to explore and adapt systems.

  • Acquired specialized knowledge of a key management-related discipline such as human resource management or marketing management
  • Completed practical experience in the workplace through an in-plant training